Questions and answers on positioning and online marketing

Online marketing is still a new way of promoting products, and it is constantly evolving. New terms, strategies and expressions make their appearance every day. Here we have compiled a brief list of the most common ones, and the ones we think are the most important for you to know, plus information on SEO vs SEM.

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SEO/Natural Positioning


Is the Internet a competitive advantage for my company?
The Internet can be a competitive advantage if the resources needed to obtain all the benefits it can provide are made available. This competitive advantage becomes a disadvantage if the resources are made available by the competition, instead of your own company.

Online VS Traditional Advertising
 Costs, immediacy, orientation, profitability, bias capacity, etc. The advantages of online advertising and promotion are growing apparent for both SMEs and Multi-National Companies..

 Is online marketing profitable?
Online marketing entails very low resource-spending for the growth potential your business may have. A well-designed online strategy is essential for any business to grow today.
Has Page Rank disappeared?
Page Rank is a Google algorithm to measure a domain authority on the Internet. Although Google ceased updating it in 2013, and in 2016 it disappeared from the analytics tools, this does not mean that they stopped measuring the quality of the links directing to a domain; rather, this information is just no longer made public.

I receive loads of views, but nobody calls me
We would need to detect possible issues with your webpage and take the right steps to improve image, functionality and conversions..

 Why does my website take so long to load?
Many issues with loading a website have to do with how much the images weigh, animations, scripts, etc. This is a basic issue that needs to be resolved in order to optimise any website.

Google AdWords / Google Advertising (SEM)


What is AdWords? What about SEM?
Google AdWords is the service offered by Google to advertise in the search engine and display network. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to companies that provide the service of creating and maintaining advertising in AdWords.

How is AdWords different from SEO?
SEO positioning is attained by proving to Google that your page is more interesting than others, and clicks are free. With AdWords, you create an advert that is immediately posted on the results page, and Google will charge you for each click you receive..

What advantages does AdWords haves?
Results are immediate. Investments are flexible. The ROI (return on investment) can be measured. Campaigns exclusively targeting the audience who is looking for your product or service..

Is there an AdWords flat-rate plan?
No. You decide the maximum amount you want to invest every day, and you only pay when the ad receives a click. The cost-per-click varies, based on the established limits and other factors: competition and the quality of the ads..
How much do I have to invest in AdWords?
There is no minimum amount, you invest the amount you want. Your ad's presence on Google will depend on your investment, as well as the competition's investment. Our advice is to start with an initial investment, and then adapt it later on based on results

My AdWords campaign doesn't give results
We should conduct an exhaustive campaign analysis and detect the causes. This could be due to: low quality of the ads, of the destination website, of the keywords, of the geographical area, of the hours, etc.

What is the display network?
The group of webpages that accept Google advertising. If you like, your ads can also appear on the webpages you decide and can be seen by the users who visit those webpages.

Why invest in SEM?
To be able to do sporadic deals, and have greater presence on Google's first page, above your competitors.

Social Media Networks


Why should I be present on social media?
The importance of having a social media profile depends on the industry. For example, a hotel or a nightclub would maximise results on Facebook, while a director of a services company should create a profile on LinkedIn.

Is it good to invest money in Facebook?
Facebook allows you to segment the audience your ads are designed for. This means that only real potential customers will see your ads, and you will maximise your advertising investment.

What advantages do social media networks have?
Nowadays, contact and communication with the customer is essential. Social media allows the company to be in close contact with customers and their needs. It brings us closer to customers interested in our products.
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