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Why will Google AdWords help you to sell?

GOOGLE WORKS. With Google AdWords, you can quickly achieve results. If you decide to create a campaign today, then you can advertise yourself and take advantage of the search engine's benefits starting today.

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Google is the most widely-used search engine in the Western world, by far. We all use Google to look for information, products or services with keywords. Ads related to your business will only appear for users who write keywords exclusively related to your industry and economic activity, and who are looking for a company like yours. Thus, Google AdWords is the most efficient advertising of all, since it directly reaches actual consumers, at the specific time when the user needs it.


Service Objectives

To make your investments as profitable as possible

To obtain maximum returns on investment and to considerably increase your business.


To be present in quality searches

To create effective, attractive and competitive ads. To segment them only for users who are looking for a business like yours.


To increase the number of clicks

The objective is to increase the number of interesting clicks to bring the highest number of customers possible to your website who are interested in your business.


Action phases


Perfect Google AdWords campaign management will help you to increase quality traffic to your webpage and to filter the profile of the visitors you are most interested in for your online business.

Our publicists, certified by Google AdWords under the programme Google Advertising Professional and FaceBook Agency, draw up a study on your webpage, determining fundamental areas of business.

We conduct an exhaustive analysis of keywords for each different area of your company’s business, studying the competitors at the same time.

Analysis and Study of User Behaviour on Google

We analyse the statistics, the results and the behaviour of users who are looking for your product or service. Our challenge is for your campaign to obtain the greatest profitability possible in the shortest amount of time.

Which terms are used the most, who is the competition, the cost-per-click and the estimated cost of your campaign, based on the objectives we set together.

Analysis of your Business. Identify and select the different business areas and achieve maximum return on investment.

Keyword study.Analysis and selection of the important, efficient terms for your webpage.

Study of the competition. Analysis of your competition’s campaigns and adapting your strategy to get the best competitive edge possible.

Preparing the Campaign
Appear in the top results

We make your business instantly appear in the best Google searches. Unlike SEO, Google AdWords makes your webpage quickly appear, with a minimum investment.

We offer a complete service that includes the following actions:

Preparation of your campaign. We conduct campaigns based on your budget, business hours, geographic areas and families or categories of products and/or services.

Creation of commercial adverts. We develop groups of ads to segment user searches as much as possible, relating them to keywords to ensure the greatest efficiency at the best cost.

We size your investments. We want, and we make sure, that you always obtain the most profit. We pay special attention to CTR, CPC, conversions, etc.

Campaign Maintenance and Optimisation

Once the keywords have been defined, we optimise the source code and the contents of your website, adapting them and placing them in hierarchical order for perfect Google robot indexing.

This is because the objective is to prove to Google that your website is informative, and therefore more interesting and relevant than your competitors. This will position you in front of them.

We have been making and optimising AdWords campaigns for over 8 years. This means that we can offer top-quality maintenance and optimisation service, provided by certified specialists who guarantee the best results at the most affordable price.

How do we get the best results for your business? We improve the quality of your views, we adjust CPCs (costs-per-click) and CTRs (percentage of clicks per one hundred impressions), we generate new campaigns and ad groups to segment views, we appropriately configure who is clicking and how to avoid uncontrolled expenses for useless views, etc.

As soon as we create your campaign, we constantly monitor it: we correct, adapt and optimise the campaign’s parameters to make sure that you have the best possible tool for drawing customers.

Given that users’ searches can be vastly varied, our objective is to always keep your campaign optimised and updated. We want you to always obtain the most profit.

We offer a personalised service. You can ask our SEM specialists consultation questions directly, at any time.

Results monitoring and analysis

Optimisation of campaigns, ad groups and settings

Periodical reports at the beginning of each month

Personalised service


Study of the campaign's results and ongoing optimisation.

Our expert monitoring
Weekly monitoring of results from ads, making appropriate adjustments to keywords and cost-per-click
Periodical reports at the beginning of each month
Automatically generated reports, with comments by the specialist assigned to your campaign.

Telephone support
Personalised service from our experts via email or telephone.
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