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SER o no SER is an PPC Agency specialised in generating business. With Google AdWords campaigns, you'll reach your target audience, generate more traffic to your website and increase conversion rates.

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Google provides us with different types of ad campaigns, so we can select the one that best fits our needs. Do you want to be in the top Google search results? Do you want people who have already seen your webpage to see a reminder ad, so they end up purchasing your product? Do you want your advertising video on YouTube?

If you don’t know what the best strategy for your business is, don’t worry. Since we’re an SEM Agency specialised in cost-per-click campaigns, we can guide you in defining objectives. If you need a more personalised service, you can collaborate with an SEM Consultant.

The services we offer entail creation, administration and optimisation of campaigns for the search network, Google Shopping, Display, YouTube and Remarketing.

We are a Premier Google Partner and all our technicians are certified by Google, in addition to the personalised support we receive from Dublin.

Search Campaigns

Display Campaigns





  • Creating a Google AdWords account

  • An initial study of search keywords and terms

  • Investment analysis

  • Campaign configuration: hours, location, days, daily investment, groups of ads, ads

  • Inclusion of negative keywords

  • Control over investments and bidding optimisation

  • Insertion of extensions

  • Creating objectives

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