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Our technicians will improve your website source code, as well as the content, so that Google´s robot indexes your page the best way possible. Thus, your business visibility will improve in comparison with competitors

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Increased Traffic

The Internet can be a competitive advantage if the resources needed to obtain all the benefits it can provide are made available. This competitive advantage becomes a disadvantage if the resources are made available by the competition, instead of your own company.


Get ahead of your competitors

Improve search engine ranking, getting ahead of your competition. Get greater notoriety and prestige in your industry and be the point of reference.


Increases sales and leads

Convert views into actual business. You will definitely get better sales figures through your webpage. “Internet is definitely your best competitive edge.”


Phases of our SEO campaigns


The keys to success for optimum positioning lie in an exhaustive analysis of your business and website.Both these elements must be adapted to your customers’ needs, so that you have greater sales.We help you to study and analyse your business’ digital strategy.Together, we define your webpage’s strengths and virtues, as well as possible room for improvement.As of this point, we conduct an exhaustive study of keywords to increase your website’s, and thereby your business’, visibility.

Together, we will create an action plan to draw in your customers.


Site Audits

We define your website's strengths and weaknesses in comparison with your competition, adapting it to Internet users' behaviour.
We conduct an in-depth study of keywords to make your business more visible. This means that we work with the objective of increasing quality traffic, or potential customers, to your webpage. In doing so, we also analyse your webpage's structure to improve the user browsing experience.
Finally, we create a strategy and define which actions we should carry out to draw your potential customers:

Keywords Research
We select the best key search terms to increase quality views for your webpage.

Study of your page to facilitate usability and browsing, and to convert views into actual customers.

Adaptation to the digital setting
We adapt your business to new digital communication technologies.
On-page Optimisation

Once the keywords have been defined, we optimise the source code and the contents of your website, adapting them and placing them in hierarchical order for perfect Google robot indexing.  This way, the objective is to prove to Google that your website is informative, and therefore more interesting and relevant than your competitors. This will position you in front of them. 

Source code optimisation
Adaptation and optimisation of tags, titles, H1, H2, metadescriptions, etc.

Solution to different Google indexing problems, such as the sort of technology used, Flash, frames, photographs, etc.

Meta tags & Heading tags
Exhaustive analysis of your website's content to perfectly adapt it to the established key terms.

Link Building

Increasing popularity on the Internet is essential to obtain a good Google ranking for your webpage (Page Rank).
 To this end, we work to manually increase your page's presence in directories, as well as recommendations (links) from other webpages that are always companies.

SEO Results

We meet our objectives
Our greatest challenge is to increase your business and to meet the objectives we set at the beginning of the project.

Our SEO specialist monitoring
Our technicians monitor evolution of your webpage's positioning every month.
Personalised service
Our professionals are always available to you to refine the strategy and actions to improve your business. We are consultants, and we seek the best results.

Monthly positions report
At the end of the month, you will receive a report with details on the evolution of your terms, after the initial position your website held when you started.
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