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If you have an online business and are currently debating whether you should hire a positioning company, you're on the right track. If you want to reach all users who are looking for a company like yours through search engines, working with an SEO Agency is something you still need to do.

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At SER o no SER, we focus on each company’s needs, guaranteeing optimisation of the webpage based on the requirements recommended by Google. For a possible customer to land your webpage, they need to find you in their search results. However, you also need to be one of the top-ranking results.

An SEO Agency specialised in search-engine positioning studies what the most suitable terms are in relation to your activity, as well as the objectives for your strategy. We make sure your website is more visible than the competition’s.

Thanks to natural positioning, your webpage will receive target traffic, increasing conversions with no need for an additional investment.

As an SEO Agency, we offer different types of services, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. These services include an SEO Consultant who will focus on the best marketing strategy for your online business, aligned with the SEO technician’s work.


  • An initial study of search keywords and terms. We monitor the 15 most relevant terms on a monthly basis

  • Metatitle, metadescription and metakeyword optimisation for each page

  • Content structure with h tags (H1, H2, H3, H4) so that Google collects the exact terms we want to boost

  • Clean source code, scripts, images or Flash that keep Google from reading properly

  • Improve the website's loading speed

  • Alt insertion in images for Google to read text in them

  • Adapt website indexing: we upload and update files and folders, such as the sitemap or robots, for better Google indexing.

  • Optimisation of local searches through Google Mybusiness

  • Friendly URLs to help Google to find us through internal sections

  • Linkbuilding: external promotion with our own customer network, to obtain better Google ranking and thus improve search result ranking

  • Monthly installation and work with Google Search Console and Google Analytics tools to detect indexing errors and control web traffic, flow and conversions

  • Periodical monitoring reports on positions, impressions, clicks, keyword total, conversions, etc.

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