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Change and innovation in the online marketing world are constant, with new concepts arising every day. Here is a brief glossary with the most-used terms, so you can be up-to-date!

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This is the main online search engine. It covers approximately 90% of searches. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September 1998, it is the largest search engine, with over 8 billion indexed URLs.



Designed for professionals and specialists to increase their contact network. For companies, it helps to develop brand image and increase online visibility.



This is considered one of the best tools to create blogs. This tool belongs to Google, and also makes it possible for users to earn money through their blogs.



This stands for search engine optimiser. A person or company who makes sure a webpage appears in the top search results for certain words or terms.



These are automatic process that trawl webpages, indexing them in search engine databases. Googlebot is Google’s robot. Also known as spiders, they extract all the information from websites.



This means using texts without showing them to the user, either by making the words the same colour as the background or by using a hidden CSS style div layer. It is estimated that keyword density should be no greater than 14% (appear more than 14 times in a 100-word text). Very high density can be penalised, whether hidden or not.



These pages are designed exclusively for search engines and are almost unintelligible to visitors. The page redirects visitors to another page that is especially designed for visitors.



This is the second-most important search engine. Approximately 30% of searches all over the world use this engine. David Filo and Dr Jerry Yang developed the search engine in April 1994. It was the main Internet search engine until Google took over first place.



This is the top social media platform. It currently has more than 1 billion users all over the world, and it is now essential to be part of this virtual market under constant expansion.



Along with Blogger, this is the best tool for blog creation. WordPress has two modalities: one that is free, comparable to Blogger, and a paid, much more professional one.


Autoridad del Dominio

The rating measurement Google uses, based on a domain’s popularity. This popularity depends on the quality of the external links to a webpage.



This type of file is used to inform Google of all the pages a site includes, and optionally, to provide specific information.



Something stored on Google’s servers, a sort of photo or snapshot of the webpage, with all its contents at that moment in time.



Offering one set of content to search robots and another to normal users, positioning the page with certain terms when it actually talks about something else. This is a Black-Hat tactic, penalised by Google. BMW 2006 SEO case.




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