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Website Analytics

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Service objectives
  • To make marketing actions profitable.

  • To optimise obtaining new customers.

  • Better make the company's products and services known.

  • Control over obtained results.

An analytics and conversion process consists of measuring, processing and analysing website traffic to optimise its operation, so as to reach an objective

In general, the objective is for users to have a streamlined experience on your website and to end up where we want to take them: to the contact form, a phone call, an email request for information...

Benefits of the Web Analytics service
  • A series of recommendations and actions to be taken periodically to make your business more profitable

  • An improved user experience on your website, and increased quality traffic.

  • Measurement of performance and optimised cost of investment in marketing actions, such as SEO, SEM, third-party website banners, social media posts, emailing, insertion in payment directories, etc.

  • Making web design investment profitable.

  • A defined profile for ideal customers, drawing qualified traffic.

  • An automated process to draw target customers

  • Leak-proof conversion funnel to avoid leaking users.

  • Increased conversion rate.

What is our technical work?
  • Testing how easy the webpage is to browse, the forms and contact information.

  • Website traffic classification.

  • Tagging all actions to be carried out.

  • Creating events and objectives.

  • Monitoring and analysing results and recommendations.

Tools used
  • Search Console

  • Heatmaps

  • Google Data Studio

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Together, we can create an action plan
to draw your potential customers

We’ll analyse the results and profitability of your marketing actions for you: customer life cycle, their behaviour on the website, business objectives and return on investment.

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